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John Dag - August 17, 2014,
John Dag -August 17, 2014

We were three Thai ladies and a retired Norwegian bureaucrat, wishing to travel up the Karakoram Highway (KKH) from Islamabad, into China and onwards to Kashgar and by air back to Islamabad. This would require a visa to China and a double entry visa to Pakistan. To get this the Embassy of Pakistan in Bangkok said such a visa could only be issued to people who had been to Pakistan before. The Norwegian had been there (25 years ago!) and consequently got his double entry visa. The Thais had not. So China was dropped..

All western embassies in Islamabad had on their web sites serious warnings about travelling in the country, also on the KKH and the Gilgit-Baltistan area we wanted to visit. We contacted three tours organisers in Islamabad asking for their proposals. The security aspects were discussed in detail with the three tour organisers. We settled for Active Tours as they, i.e. Mr. Karim Uddin, were the most responsive, accurate and flexible ones. Price wise he was in the middle.

It was a tour of contrasts starting in Islamabad in more than 40 centigrades and reaching the Chinese border (at 4721 m) at freezing point and light snowy weather. On the way we experienced Pakistan driving through areas where we saw almost no women and with the curtains closed in the minibus and with police escort, up to the lovely, green Hunza valley where we saw and met pleasant people who were open. Many spoke very good English, both men and women. Here we were introduced to what they called “longevity foods”, i.e. various nuts, fruits, oils etc.We stocked up and are now hoping for long life. People are reputed to have a very high life expectancy in the Hunza valley. 

In the border area towards China we saw lots of curious marmots along the road and a herd of around thirty ibex, a type of goat living in the high mountains.

We also did some trekking in the Fairy Meadows area, up to 3.880 m with a clear view to the impressive Nangat Parbat. The Norwegian was surprised to see huge birch trees up to 3.800 m. above sea level. (In Norway you do not find any trees above 900 m above sea level).We were the only foreigners there, but there were quite a number of young, local trekkers, mostly from Lahore and Karachi.

Karim travelled with us all the way and made sure things worked out smoothly. Good company and a man it is a pleasure to work with. He became a good friend. The only disappointment was that by the time we got back to Islamabad, the political situation was rather unstable and it was considered unsafe going to the bazaars for the final shopping... .



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