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Pakistan Glaciers amount to the greatest mass and collection of glaciated ice in the whole world apart from the North and South Poles. The Mountain ranges of Northern Pakistan are host to some of the greatest glacier systems outside the Polar Regions.

Mostly concentrated in the Karakorum range and followed by Himalaya and Hundukush Ranges, theseglaciers cover an area of about 13,680 square kilometres, which is 13% of the mountainous regions in the upper Indus River Basin.  The total length of glaciers on the lap of Karakoram in Pakistan is above 6160 square kilometres. According to estimates, almost 37% of the Karakoram region is under the glaciers.



Name of Glacier                           Region                                       Length                          Height of Snout

                                                                                                Miles (K/M)                     Ft/M (Approx.)


Baltoro                                       Karakorum (Shigar)                      36 (57.9)                       11,580 (3,529.6)

Hispar                                        Karakorum (Nagar)                       38 (61.2)                       10,500  (3,200.4)

Baifo                                          Karakorum (Shigar)                      27 (59.5)                       10,366 (3,159.6)

Siachen                                      Karakorum (Hushe)                      45 (72.4)                       12,150 (3,703.3)

Batura                                       Karakorum (Hunza)                      40 (64.4)                       8,030 (2,447.5)

Yengunta                                   Karakorum (Baltistan)                   22 (35.4)                       Not Available

Chiantar                                     Hindukush (Chitral)                      21 (33.8)                       12,720 (3,877.1)

Tirichmir                                     Hindukush (Chitral)                      18 (29.0)                       11,210 (3,416.8)

Atrak                                         Hindukush (Chitral)                      18 (29.0)                       10,000 (3,078.5)

Karanbar                                    Hindukush (Swat)                        16 (25.5)                       10, 237 (3,120.2)

Famous glaciers





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