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There are plenty of opportunities for cross country mountain bicycling in all the mountain ranges of the country. However, due to higher temperatures in the mountains except for the Northern Pakistan, this sport can only be undertaken during the winters. The smooth lower hills of Swat, Azad Kashmir, and Galliyat provide adequate opportunities for mountain bikers.

A tour of northern mountain region on bikes is a thrilling adventure. You can choose to drive on KKH, a visit to Hunza Valley, or pass through alpine valley of Kaghan, the scenery is catching and rewarding making your adventure a life time memory. The mountainous valley of Kaghan offers excellent mountain biking opportunities. Biking trips from Mansehra to Balakot(50 km), from Balakot to Shogran (30 km), from Shogran to Kaghan (40 km), Kaghan to Naran (26 km), Naran to Burawai (30 km), from Burawai to Lake Lulusar (25 km), downhill from Fairy Meadows to Raikot Bridge (21 km) and from Babusar village to Chilas (40 km) are some enthrilling biking trips carefully suited to the needs and tastes of mountain biking adventurisms.


Day 01: Arrival in Islamabad. You will be meet at airport and transported to your designated hotel along with your luggage.

Day 02: Travel by coach to Mansera. Overnight stay in hotel at Mansera.
Day 03: Bike trip (50 km) Mansera to Balakot. Night in hotel at Balakot.
Day 04: Bike trip (30 km) Balakot to Shogran. Night in hotel Shogran.
Day 05: Bike trip to (40 km) Shogran to Kaghan.
Day 06: Bike trip (26 km) Kaghan to Naran.
Day 07: Trip to Lake Saif-ul-Muluk, hiking or biking (25 km). Night in hotel at Naran.
Day 08: Bike trip (30 km) Naran to Burawai. Camping at riverside.
Day 09: Bike trip (25 km) Burawai to Lake Lulusar. Camping at riverside.
Day 10: Bike trip (30 km) Lake Lulusar to Babusar Pass at downhill to Babusar village. Overnight in camp.
Day 11: Bike trip (40 km) Babusar village to Chilas. Night in hotel at Chilas.
Day 12:Transfer by coach via Karakorum highway to Karimabad Hunza. Overnight stay in hotel at Karimabad.
Day 13: Leisure day at Karimabad.
Day 14: Bike trip (110 km) Karimabad to Gilgit. Overnight stay in hotel at Gilgit.
Day 15: Transfer by coach via Karakorum highway to Raikot Bridge. Trip to Fairy Meadows, hiking or biking (21 km). Camping in Fairy Meadows.
Day 16: Leisure day or hiking to Nangaparbat BC (8126 m). Camping in Fairy Meadows.
Day 17: Downhill from Fairy Meadows hiking or biking to Raikot Bridge (21 km). transfer by coach via Karakorum highway to Chilas. Overnight stay in Chilas.
Day 18: Transfer by coach at Karakorum highway from Chilas to Rawalpindi. Overnight stay in hotel at Rawalpindi.
Day 19: Full day sightseeing of Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Overnight stay in hotel at Rawalpindi.
Day 20: You will be transferred from your hotel to the airport for you destination flight. (End of Services).

Naran, Kaghan Bike Tour





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