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Free Climbing Peaks Below 6500m

Peaks below 6000m are open for climbs without any royalty and are becoming popular among the beginners in the Karakorum and young trainees preparing for the higher peaks.

There are dozens of very spectacular peaks among three ranges of the Karakorum, Western Himalaya and Hindukush, located among a superb mountain panorama and are 2-3 days approaches from the road heads. The massive Nanga Parbat is surrounded by the spectacular Jilliper peaks at 5206m and 5245m, Bulder Cleft 5200, Shaigri 5584, and Rupal peak 5971m. These peaks are easy 2-3 days climbs and the approach trail passes through a beautiful lower panorama of this beautiful range. The awe inspiring row if needle spires along Baltoro Glacier, surrounding Gilgit, Hunza, and Nagar Valley are a dream of a climber and the approach is 3-4 days from road head.

Pakistan is, in fact, has equal opportunity for rock climbing as well. The Trango Towers, Kondus Valley in Khaplu area come become a paradise for rock climbers. There are numerous untouched rock faces in the Karakorum, Himalaya, and Hindukush of Pakistan which are ideal for rock climbers.

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