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Chupursan Valley

Chapursan Valley is a remote and beautiful valley in the northern areas of Pakistan, just west of Sost, the last settlement along the Karakorum Highway before you reach China and the world´s highest border crossing at Khunjerab Pass 4693 m/15,397 feet).

This breathtaking valley is located less than 10km from the Afghanistan border in the Wakhan corridor. It is still one of the less traveled to and unexplored regions of the country with its lonely snowy peaks.

The natural scenery at the valley is spectacular but while enjoying the pure and beautiful mountain life might be the first item on your agenda, here are all the fun activities that you can do when at Chapursan. But be aware that like most of far northern Pakistan so are the time of year to visit limited between late May to early November.

There are many small lakes that are about a 45-minute walk away from the valley. You can follow the road to Baba Gundi and ask someone for directions. The lakes are not just beautiful scenery to enjoy, but you can even swim in them if weather permits.

If you love trekking, then you are going to love to hear that there are treks of almost all difficulties and lengths in Chapursan. You can go for overnight treks to 15-day mountain passes. On top of that, if you love horses (or yaks), then you can rent out animals for trekking by asking your guesthouse as well.

Hang out with shepherds: If you would like to see the shepherds at work in Chapursan, then you can visit between June and September. During this time, you will find the shepherds on the high altitude regions.

Polo: The variant of polo played at the valley is called Buzkashi (played with headless goats). If you are visiting the valley during the summers, then ask around for when the next match is to enjoy a good game.
Beyond Zood Khun is the mystical and holy Baba Ghundi Ziarat, a shrine to a Sufi saint said to have miraculous powers, and a popular pilgrimage site.
The shrine is surrounded by meadows which host herds of sheep in summer and, sporadically from June to September, Kyrgyz traders from Afghanistan who traditionally cross the Irshad Pass with horses, yaks and sheep to trade with the Chapursan villagers.

Chapursan Valley is populated primarily by Ismailis who speak the Wakhi language, one of the oldest and purest languages in the region. Most residents of the valley are dependent on livestock such as sheep and yaks for their sustenance. However, despite having seen very few foreign visitors in the past, the Wakhi people of Chapursan are very friendly and accommodating.
The hospitality and culture of the people is something you will definitely remember.

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