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Harappa and Changa Manga

The archaeological site of Harapa is 204km south of Lahore. The town flourished as center of Indus Valley Civilization, about 4500 years ago. The ancient remains give a walk through history. The site museum at Harapa is treasure house of Indus valley civilization.

Changa Manga: It is main made forest, 68km away from Lahore. There is lake with rowing boats, amusement park, children’s park and a miniature railway.

HIRAN MINAR: The most popular picnic spot around Lahore is Hiran Minar (The Deer Tower), located near Sheikhpura, 40km from Lahore on Sheikhpura-Sardgodha road. The Sheikhpura area was the private hunting ground of the Prince Saleem (Emperor Jehangir). In 1607, Jehangir ordered the construction of a tower at the foot of the grave of Mans Taj, his favorite antelope. When Mans Raj died the emperor prohibited the hunting of his species in the area. In 1620, a baradari, in the middle of a large pool of water was constructed.

Sheikpura Fort: Sheikhpura has Mughul fort that was build by Emperor Jahangir in 1619 for use as a hunting lodge. The fort is build of bricks rather than stone, a common feature of Mughul forts. The fort was later used by Sikh Princess Rani Nakayan and her private quarters are decorated with superbly preserved frescoes depicting dancing girls, hunt and court scenes and images of Guru Nanak.








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