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Karachi City

Mausoleum of Quid-e-Azam: The most revered premises in Karachi is the mausoleum of Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah, the father of Pakistani nation. Build entirely of white marble, its impressive dome, North African arches, magnificent crystal chandelier of Chinese origin, copper grills, silver grave railing and changing of the gardens lend in it an air serenity and solemnity.

Wazir Mension: The birth place of Quid-e-Azam of Muhammad Ali Jinah is located on Newneham Road in Kharadar. The house has been declared as a national monument.

Karachi Museum: The national museum house an interesting collection of ancient sculpture, carved coins and other relics from the past, particular those discovered from archeological excavation at Mohenjodaro, as well as some relating to the Gandhara civilization. There is also an interesting ethnological gallery.

Liaqat Hall / Bagh-e-Jinah: Originally called Ferer Hall. This Venetian Gothic style building now houses Liaqat Municipal Library and art gallery. The building is surrounded by Bagh-e- Jinah, masjid-e-tooba. Defense Housing Society mosque its massive dome, 64.62 meters in diameter is one of the largest in Asia.

Empress Market: Build by the British to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign, this historic market is designed in Gothic style. The market shops selling meat, fish, vegetables, groceries etc.

Fish Harbor: For those who interested in seafood, a visit to fish harbor on the west wharf is must. Hundred of galley decorated boats and country-craft bring in their daily haul for local consumption, as well as for export.

Merewether Tower: The landmark of Karachi’s main business centre, is 35 meters high carrying four-faced clock.

Sindh High Court: This magnificent sandstone building is combination of local and Roman style of architecture.

Clifton Beaches and Funland: Close to the popular seaside of the city, is Clifton Beach, where Karachiites flock to on weekend and holidays. Scattered along the shore are numerous stalls selling handicrafts made from seashells. Clifton has an amusement park with a bowling alley and aquarium.

Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi at Clifton: Baba Abdulla’s shrine is one of the most popular spot in Karachi. Every day thousand of devotees visit his tomb to offer prayers and seek spiritual peace. Annual Urs (Anniversary) is held regular and is attended by scholars, mendicants, qawals and musicians beside thousand of devotees.

Bazaars & Shopping: Shopping in Karachi is delight. There is the Sarafa Bazaar, a typical oriental market in the city’s old quarters, which is the main market for the gold and silver. Other colorful shopping areas are Zainab Market and Saddar cooperative Market. Bori Bazaar is considered the most popular shopping center for women. The caves like shops are stacked to their ceilings with excellent pieces of embroidery, hand prints and other items of hosiery.  

Mango Pir’s Shrine: Locate 16km north of Karachi. The shrine of Mango Pir (13th century) stand below a mosque build on a rocky hillock.

Bhanbore: 64kms from Karachi is Bhanbore. This archeological site is believed to be the ancient part city of Debal, which flourished in 18th century AD. This was the place where the Arab conquered Muhammad Bin Qasim, first touched the shore of South Asia in 712 AD popular folklore has it that in the vicinity of Bhanbore was the trysting place of the star-crossed lovers, Sassi & Punnu, much celebrating in local performing arts.

Beaches: Karachi golden, un-crowded beaches stretch from miles. More accessible are those are Sandspit, Hawks Bay, Paradise Point and the French Beach – 30 minutes drive form the city.

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