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Khewra Salt Mines

The salt ranges: The Salt Ranges lies between the Indus and Jehlum Rivers. Its northern and southern boundaries stretch as far as the base of Himalaya and Kallar Kahar, respectively. It has a tremendous paleontological heritage and there are many historical and archeological interest here as well. Kallar Kahar Lake and Temple of Ketas and Malot.

The main attraction of the eastern Salt ranges are the shrines of Saidan Shah at Choa Saidan Shah. The lake and shrines of Abdul Qadir Gillani at Kallar Kahar and Hindu Temples of Ketas and Malot. Kallar Kahar is located 135km from Rawalpindi.

Khewra Salt Mines: The main centre of mining is Khewra in the Salt Range where the world’s largest salt mines are located. Khewra salt mines are situated 154 km from Rawalpindi. 

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