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Murree and Gallies

It is one hour drive to Murree from Islamabad via the 55km well carpeted & winding road. Murree known as the Queen of the Hills is 2413m high. Beyond Murree, the hill resorts of Ayubia, Khairagali, Bhurban, Patriata, Dongagali and Nathiagali also offer cool respite from the torrid heat of the plains in the summer months. Perhaps, the most sought after is the beautiful Nathiagali, 32 km from Murree and perched at a height of 2150m. Ayubia, 29 km from Murree is famous for its nature walks. Bhurban, which is9km from Murree, is known for its nine-hole golf course, panoramic view of the forested hills around and a 5-star hotel.

The main reason why this hill point is so popular is due to the accessibility factor. This one is self-explanatory for people of Islamabad especially as it is just 40 minutes of drive from Islamabad to Murree. Also, for other cities Murree isn’t that far away and even if it is in some cases, people love to travel for the natural beauty of this city. Murree is covered with mountains all around which is its real beauty.

Murree, being such a beautiful hill station catches every tourist’s attention. With so many places and large mountains there are tons of places in Murree for spending quality time. We have filtered the best seven places in Murree which are a must to visit. Let’s take a brief look what special these places have to offer:

Kashmir Point: The highest spot in Murree, Kashmir point is the most famous picnic spot in the city. From Kashmir point, mountains of Kashmir can be seen. This is the reason why this location is known as Kashmir point. Kashmir point has been updated a lot with the passage of time. It is now better, clean and more attractive.

Pindi Point: Located at a walking distance from the famous mall road, Pindi point is a well-known picnic spot in Murree. From this hill spot, Pindi city can be seen. Due to this reason it is known as Pindi Point. A part from the iconic view, Pindi Point is also famous for its chair lift ride.

Ayubia: Ayubia is another location which attracts a lot of tourist’s attraction. The “Ayubia national park” is the main attraction of this spot. The park has various species of animals to entertain people. Ayubia chair lift may not be the safest but is definitely an enjoyable experience. Many food places can also be found at this spot.

Nathiaglai: Located in between Abbottabad and Murree, Nathia-gali is the best spot to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains. It’s not that far away from Murree. Many people prefer to stay at this spot as Murree hotels are full in every season and are expensive too. Nathiaglai has a small market, number of hotels to stay and also few restaurants.

Mall Road: Almost all of us are familiar with this spot. Mall road of Murree is very popular. Almost everyone wants to book a room at this spot.There are several shops and food courts alongside the mall road. People love to shop and eat at this spot. The best part is the location of this road. At night, the weather becomes even more pleasant and it feels so good to walk around this road.

New Murree: New Murree is approximately 15 kilometers away from the main Murree. The main highlight of new Murree is the new advanced chair lifts which are more advanced and safe. The chair lift goes from new Murree to the main Murree. Moreover, new Murree is a beautiful spot and has all major facilities and recreational activities. Surely, It’s a must to visit spot.

Bhurban: Located at a short distance away from Murree, Bhurban is now one of the famous spots near Murree.Pear continental hotel is one of the attraction of this place. A lot of people like to stay at this hotel. Now, Bhurban is more densely populated as more and more tourists come here.

Patriata: The Patriata resort, about 15km southeast of Murree, has been developed on a virgin site at a 2233m high ridge. It offers breathtaking views of high forests and deep interesting valleys with terraced slopes. The climate remains remarkably cool and pleasant in the summer. The resort is equipped with dual chairlift and cable car system from Gulehara Gali to Patriata Ridge, a total distance of 3.1km.

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