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Naran and Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley: In country of outstanding natural beauty, the Kaghan Valley must ranks as one of Pakistan most scenic areas. The 161kms long valley offers fresh alpine forests, deep blue high altitude lakes, lush green meadows and distant snowy peaks. The Kunhar River that flows through the valley, meanwhile provides some of the best trout fishing in Pakistan.

Though administratively part of North West Frontier Province (NWFP), the Kaghan valley is best visited as an excursion of the KKH and is thus included with in the Karakorum Highway and in Northern Area.

Balakot: There is little of interest in Balakot itself, although the town was the scene of an important battle between the Sikh and Muslim in 1831. Ahmed Shah Bereli leader of the Muslim forces, is buried in the small green title tomb down by the river.

Shogran: Shogran is one of the loveliest location in Kaghan valley, and despite hotel construction, remains remarkably unspoilt. The view from Shogran is, however are are unsurpassed, especially if you walk up for two hours through the forest to high summer pastures at Seri Paya. The camping here is superb. To the south are view of Markra Peak (3885m) whilst to the north is Malika Parbat (5291m), the highest mountain in the Kaghan valley. The peak was first climbed in 1980 by CG Bruce, and then by north face by Capt. BW Battye in 1920. More sedate visitors prefer to wander through the fragrant pine forest or stroll through the flowers in the lush green meadows.   

Naran: The centre piece of the tourism in Kaghan Valley, is Naran, is combination of stunning scenery and haphazard, unplanned development. The location is beautiful and the main bazaar is full of attractive hotels, restaurants and numerous handicrafts shops. However the views are excellent and a 10 minutes walk in any direction from the town center will lead you to peace and tranquility.

Saiful Maluk Lake: Naran’s prime attraction is Lake Saiful Maluk, 10kms to the east located at an altitude of 3215m and ringed by an amphitheater of now-caped mountains, large block of ice can also be seen floating on the sapphire water. The Lake is delightful in summer, when the meadows of alpine flowers are in bloom and water reflecting the peak of Malika Parbat.  The Lake can be reached in a stiff half an hour drive by jeep or 2 hours walk from Naran.

Lalazar Plateau: Another pleasant half day jeep excursion from Naran is up to the Lalazar Plateau. A jeep track climbed up to the plateau from Batakundi, some 16 km north of Naran. Located at 3200m, this beautiful meadow is awash with colorful alpine flowers in spring and summer, and set amongst the cool pine forests. A footpath leads from Lalazar plateau down to Lake Saiful Maluk, taking 5-6 hours.

Babusar Pass: From Gitidas it is steady climb of 7kms to the summit of Babusar Pass at 4175 meters. From the top of the pass descend down towards Babusar village through a batter road. The road from Babusar eventually reaches the Chilasi settlement of Babusar.

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