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Taftan, Balochistan

Taftan is a town located in Chagi District, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s only legal official border crossing into Iran and famed by locals as the “road to London”. Getting to Taftan from Quetta is a journey of almost 8 hours of careful driving.

The border crossing point on the Iranian side is at Mirjaveh.

Basically, Sherzai are ruler of Chagai (Northern Sherzai Agency) in Taftan many tribes are settled. In Talap area Malik Sulaiman khan Sherzai has given land to almost every tribe for agriculture purpose from their own even though at that Sherzai for this gift of lands in Talap area to notable. After a long discussion between both Chief And Malik Sulaiman khan Sherzai it has been decided that Sardar Sherzai will take over land from Khan sahib in other ares of Chagai in place of Talap area lands which distributed to people without prior approval / consultation with him but Khan Sahib Sherzai took position and didn’t get back the lands from people.

However, it is very common among some travelers to have overland trip to/from Pakistan.

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