+92-5811-440331, Mob: +92-347-5730258 info@visitatp.com
+92-5811-440331, Mob: +92-347-5730258 info@visitatp.com


Animo Television, Ireland

Words can’t fully describe how pleased we were with Active Tours Pakistan.  Thanks to management & especially to Mr. Kareem who made our trip so fantastic & happy. You provided pleasant, personal and professional service and quickly accommodated our travel and media related task.  We appreciated your personal approach in making our travel arrangements.

“Definitely, a nomination for fixer of the year!!!”

Once again, thank you for everything, I will definitely recommend your agency to my colleagues, friends & family.


Ms. Sarah Share (Director)
Ms. Rachael English (Presenter)
Mr. Colm Whelan (Cameraman)
Mr. Trevor Cuningham (soundman)
Animo Television, Ireland

Hutchison/John Dag OSLO, NORWAY

We were three Thai ladies and a retired Norwegian bureaucrat, wishing to travel up the Karakoram Highway (KKH) from Islamabad, into China and onwards to Kashgar and by air back to Islamabad. This would require a visa to China and a double entry visa to Pakistan. To get this the Embassy of Pakistan in Bangkok said such a visa could only be issued to people who had been to Pakistan before. The Norwegian had been there (25 years ago!) and consequently got his double entry visa. The Thais had not. So China was dropped..

All western embassies in Islamabad had on their web sites serious warnings about travelling in the country, also on the KKH and the Gilgit-Baltistan area we wanted to visit. We contacted three tours organisers in Islamabad asking for their proposals. The security aspects were discussed in detail with the three tour organisers. We settled for Active Tours as they, i.e. Mr. Karim Uddin, were the most responsive, accurate and flexible ones. Price wise he was in the middle.

It was a tour of contrasts starting in Islamabad in more than 40 centigrades and reaching the Chinese border (at 4721 m) at freezing point and light snowy weather. On the way we experienced Pakistan driving through areas where we saw almost no women and with the curtains closed in the minibus and with police escort, up to the lovely, green Hunza valley where we saw and met pleasant people who were open. Many spoke very good English, both men and women. Here we were introduced to what they called “longevity foods”, i.e. various nuts, fruits, oils etc.We stocked up and are now hoping for long life. People are reputed to have a very high life expectancy in the Hunza valley.

In the border area towards China we saw lots of curious marmots along the road and a herd of around thirty ibex, a type of goat living in the high mountains.

We also did some trekking in the Fairy Meadows area, up to 3.880 m with a clear view to the impressive Nangat Parbat. The Norwegian was surprised to see huge birch trees up to 3.800 m. above sea level. (In Norway you do not find any trees above 900 m above sea level).We were the only foreigners there, but there were quite a number of young, local trekkers, mostly from Lahore and Karachi.

Karim travelled with us all the way and made sure things worked out smoothly. Good company and a man it is a pleasure to work with. He became a good friend. The only disappointment was that by the time we got back to Islamabad, the political situation was rather unstable and it was considered unsafe going to the bazaars for the final shopping….


Hutchison/John Dag
Jirattikorn/Amporn – Thailand
Ayuttacorn/Arratee – Thailand
Sangmaneekulawat/Sirikan – Thailand

The picture was taken in North Pakistan.

Bentley/Christopher Daniel Beattie/Lisa Elisabeth LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

I have used many tour companies in many countries and I must say that Active Tours Pakistan is the best company that I have used and Pakistan is one of the most spectacular countries that I have visited.

From the start and right through the planning stage, the company owner, Mr Karim Uddin was incredibly helpful, promptly replying to my many emails and addressing all of my concerns. Mr Karim assisted with the visa process and invitation letter and everything ran very smoothly. I spent 17 days in Pakistan with the company, guided by Mr Karim. The experience is something that will stay with me forever, from the beauty of the mosques of Lahore to the spectacular Hunza Valley, via glaciers, lakes and the most stunning mountain scenery that I have seen anywhere on the planet. The people were all very friendly and accommodating and Mr Karim went out of his way to make sure that we felt happy and comfortable at all times. He really went above and beyond what would normally be expected of a tour operator. As for safety, we felt 100% safe at all times as Mr Karim was in constant contact with the relevant agencies. At no point did we worry. We felt in very safe hands. Oh, and we met a snow leopard. Incredible

Bentley/Christopher Daniel
Beattie/Lisa Elisabeth

Patrick & Rahel (Switzerland)

Thank you so, so much for your very good services! We enjoyed the time with you and with your company team members. We like the way you showed us your lovely country and its amazing part of the world. We take a lot of good & nice impression with us. In Switzerland is open door for you! Be blessed in the lord!We have nice mountains to climb in Switzerland like this Matterhorn, See you!!!

Patrick & Rahel


What a fantastic tour company Active Tours Pakistan is. Highly recommended. His tour company made my trip to Pakistan simply unforgettable.

Karim Uddin is very professional and readily available via email. His tour guides are excellent, and facilities he utilizes are great. I customized a tour with Active Tours Pakistan and was able to easily customize via email with Karim.

Visited October 2015

Simoni / Valentina Pavlona Simoni / Arden Timothy USA

After contacting several tourist firms in Pakistan for our short visit to Lahore, and was immediately struck by the professionalism and promptness shown by Active Tours Pakistan, run by Karim Uddin. I never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response from Mr. Uddin, who always answered all inquiries to my satisfaction.

My trip was flawless, being met by tour guide Dilawar Masih just as soon as we clear customs at the Wagah Pakistani-Indian land border. Dilawar not only was extremely knowledgeable about all the tourist sites we visited but also lent us his personal perspective on all aspects of life in Pakistan. As a former tourism guide myself, I can recognize an excellent guide, who showed us all the secret niches of life of Lahore, and who also provided us with excellent samples of the local, delicious cuisine.

Dilawar and his driver were so punctual that you could set your watch to their appointed time schedules. Dilawar provided full guide service, from the moment we stepped into Pakistan, to the last moments as we left the country.

The bus ride from Wagah border to Delhi on the Indian-Pakistani “friendship bus” was an experience in itself, as the bus was given a full police escort all the way from the Indian border to the bus terminal in Delhi.

Active Tours has achieved a level of perfection in its services.

Simoni / Valentina Pavlona
Simoni / Arden Timothy


Browse through and emailed few tour agencies for a customised tour in Pakistan.

Karim Uddin from Active Tours Pakistan is the 1st to respond with details and suggestions. He consistently followed up with me on my interest and customised needs. He’s very patient, knowledgeable and helpful with my queries.

We liaised for 4 months and in Pakistan, Abdul Ghafoor was assigned to me as a guide.

It was perfect. Ghafoor is very professional and an excellent guide. He is always punctual and took great care in ensuring that the trip went according to the itinerary. And it did!!

We went to Hunza Valley, Gilgit, Fairy Meadows. He is adamant in making sure that our safety is his priority. He took good care of us be it while trekking up Fairy Meadows to burning of the woods every night to keep us warm and replenishing us with clean water every single day etc. And Karim is checking on our status and safety every morning without fail. Such professionalism. Thumbs up!

It’s a priceless adventure trip and I highly recommend Active Tours Pakistan to anyone who is thinking of exploring the beauty of Pakistan. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy Pakistan with utmost security.

It will be a beautiful memory for life.

Thank you Karim and Abdul Ghafoor. You guys rock!!!


The picture was taken in front of Rakaposhi Peak in Hunza.

Maria Antoine Zisch (Germany)

Thank you so very much. You have cared for us so…… well. It was a pleasure to get to know you. Thank you for carrying my backpack & even I could improve my English.

May the lord bless you and your incredible country!!! You are welcome to Germany! See you ….


Lady Tingo

Maria Antoine Zisch


Chojnacki / Kamil Jerzy Marciniak / Joraslaw Tomasz Szczepaniuk / Dariusz Olejnik / Andrzej Warsaw, POLAND

With my friends, we had great adventure. We took the trip from Kashi to Islamabad via KKH. Mr. Karim Uddin who organised tuor tour and Mr. Karim Khan our guide, they were very professional and resposible. We always received prompt answers full of advice.

The tour was very safe, People very kind and friendly. We enjoyed beautiful landscape and interesting culture.

You don’t have to be afraid of Pakistan. Local people are really very sociable and good. We felt very safe.

And KKH is something you have to experience once in your life!!! 🙂

Przygoda nieziemska. Nie należy się bać Pakistanu. Lokalni ludzie są bardzo mili i przyjacielscy. Widoki zapierają dech w piersiach. Warto!!!

Organizacja wycieczki była wzorowa. Kontakt z biurem bez zarzutu. Bardzo uczciwi i rzeczowi ludzie. Polecam.

Chojnacki / Kamil Jerzy
Marciniak / Joraslaw Tomasz
Szczepaniuk / Dariusz
Olejnik / Andrzej
Warsaw, POLAND

George Weeger (Germany)

Thank you so much for the kind and warm hospitality. It was a very nice time with you & your company staffs in the fascinating mountains of North Pakistan. After having this trip I got some unforgettable impression of your beautiful country and the nice and friendly people of Pakistan. The tour you conducted was so great and you always showed us an unexpected flexibility according to our wishes.

Now on our last day here I feel I am leaving goods friends tomorrow when flying back to Germany. So I hope to keep contact and to see you again at any time. Thanks a lot for the nice time and May God bless you, your families and team members.

George Weeger


I must say that Active Tours Pakistan operated by Mr. Karim Uddin is one of the best tour operators that I have ever met. Their visa supporting service is fantastic and well above my expectation. Their tour guide service once in the country is also excellent. My tour guide and drivers are experienced and friendly. If you are looking for a tour operator in Pakistan, I am very sure that choosing Active Tours will give you the best experience.


Martin Jaggi (Switzerland)

Thank you very much for the good services. You manage our trip in a way that we can’t express by simple words, but this is for sure, we will remember you and your all other team members forever. You were so nice to us and provide all information regarding your lovely country. That’s why I enjoyed the time in Pakistan and will come again to recall all my memories. God bless you!!!

Martin Jaggi

Heidi & Daniel Benjimin (Austria)

We got so many impressions about this lovely country – you can’t put them in few words. Very friendly people, heartily hospitality, breathe taking landscape ……

Beside all the good wishes, we wish you special the pleasure of the Lord, He wants to life with you, He loves you!!!

Be welcome in Germany

Heidi & Daniel Benjimin

Dela & Siegmor (Germany)

The Germans, always for something special to see or to buy …..

You did a great job to handle all our families. For you and Pakistan 3 wish all the best. We will see you again in next few years. As you know & often do visit Afghanistan and we have passed several good singst, so its not far.

You were not only a very good tour organizer, but you were good guide and very good friend, fellow to us. You and Raza (Mountain Guide), we thank you very much both for your caring.

Dela & Siegmor


I can’t express enough how grateful I am for this amazing trip in Pakistan. I found a legendary kindness and beautiful souls that I will always keep in my heart.

Karim, THANK YOU for your professionalism. Everything was beyond my imagination!


Maarten Peeters (Belgium)

I want to thank you with all my heart for showing me the beauty of Pakistan, The country, the people and its culture.  I have had a wonderful 2 week in your company and I am sad for this trip to end. But, Inshallah, I will come back to enjoy more of what Pakistan has to offer.

No doubt, the trip, you provided me was with soul food. You are the perfect mix of adventure, and relaxation. You fueled me until the next chance I get to join one of the trips. These trips really attract incredible souls looking for the same kind of active, engaging, challenging, and enriching experiences. It is a great way for solo travelers to meet a great bunch of people!

Thank you once again for all the help you & your team provided to make it as comfortable as possible for me. It has been an absolute pleasure of having you as a guide and a friend, and I hope to keep up the relationship.

Maarten Peeters


I had a great time with a private tour guide, I spent 3.5 days in Lahore. The tour was very central on the culture and history of Pakistan and Lahore. The guide and driver were very helpful, after the short trip I did regret not being able to visit Islamabad or some of the areas in the north. The visa process was about average on the difficulty, but the company (Karim) was very helpful in streamlining the process and following up with the consulate when they needed extra information.

Visited December 2015


My trip to Pakistan could only have been possible with the help of Active Tours Pakistan. The company gave me very personal treatment – and made sure I was safe for the entire duration of my stay. Throughout your journey with Active Tours, you are likely to become great friends with their guides, just as I have through our shared experiences of this incredible country.


Alexander & Anne (Germany)

We are very glad to have been here. We felt like at home. Your hospitality is open hearted and warmly. W thank you very much and your other company members for your good services. May God the creator of heaven and earth, bless you and your families with goods and healthy and a bright future!

So we hoping to visit your lovely country again!! Until this day God be with you and your beloved!

Alexander & Anne

Rebecca and Thomas (Germany)


We had been on a long trip through South America, NZ, Thailand, Laos and China when we came to Pakistan. We had problems with the stubborn Chinese emigration officers; they did not let us pass without a Pakistani visa in our passport although we definitely knew that we get our visa on the Pakistani border. Well, I stumbled across the company on the internet & got an ample opportunity to find Active Tours Pakistan by Mr. Karim helped us and when we came to the border post in Sost his Welcome to Pakistan! Made us forget our worries and our anger on the Chinese.
We loved this country most part of Hunza, Rakaposhi and Fairy Meadows and the whole Karakorum Highway were stunning. We learned in a short time much more than in other countries with the well-informed Karim. Thanks a lot for a wonderful time in your country.
Now, almost 2 month back in our home country, we had to answer a lot of these was best? questions. And when we say Pakistan they can’t believe it.

Rebecca and Thomas

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