+92-5811-440331, Mob: +92-347-5730258 info@visitatp.com
+92-5811-440331, Mob: +92-347-5730258 info@visitatp.com

Who We Are?

We Warmly Welcome You To Pakistan – The Land Of Rich Culture, History And Adventure

We, at Active Tours Pakistan, feel both pleased and honored to introduce ourselves as a tour operator/travel agency. Active Tours Pakistan is one of the leading travel companies in Pakistan. Our company is operated by a team of professionals with a tremendous wealth of experience in the travel trade. Our team is capable of fulfilling all of our clients’ needs while they travel with us.

We provide all facilities for mountaineers, trekkers, tours, and tourists of other interests. We wish to start our trips with our best efforts to ensure the enjoyment and relaxation of our clients and end it sharing cheers and friendships. We hope to build relationships with our clients that will promise continued interaction, ensuring that clients use our services each time they visit Pakistan. Our team consists of experienced explorers who specialize in expeditions, trekking, and cultural tours at locations throughout Pakistan. Our team also consists of native team members from the Northern areas of Pakistan’s Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu, Chitral, etc.

We are proud to host cultural and historical tours, trekking tours, jeep safaris, and desert camel safaris.

Aside from cultural tours, trekking, and safaris, we also handle mountaineering expeditions for the famous Peaks of the Karakorum, the Himalayas, and the Hindukush. Other services include logistics for business and personal travel. Our team has the training and experience needed to serve international expeditions, and we are well aware of what is needed to carry out these voyages. To make it possible to provide best results, we employ qualified staff and guides with the ability to speak mmanydifferent languages. We pride ourselves on offering new ideas to our clients to allow for a customized experience that suits their needs. Our company aims to offer maximum comfort at the most reasonable cost. Travelers choose Active Tours Pakistan because of its excellent services at reasonable prices. We welcome travelers to explore and enjoy the beauty of our country and experience our homeland’s culture and hospitality.

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